The students are divided among four houses. The house names are derived from Sanskrit language. Houses are led by House Captains, competing in all major games to win the inter-house games and house colours are awarded winners. Each has their own specific colour code.
A student is placed in one of the above the houses by dividing their index number (which is assigned to each student when the student is registered at the college) by four. The remainder after the division describes their respective house as shown below:
• 0 – belongs to Mettha
• 1 – belongs to Karuna
• 2 – belongs to Muditha
• 3 – belongs to Upekha

The house teachers are selected in the same manner. Students from these houses compete with each other in sporting events. The house with the highest points at the end of the tournament is named the champion for the year.


Means joy. It is especially sympathetic or vicarious joy, the pleasure that comes from delighting in other people’s well-being.


The Buddhist concept of equanimity.


The Buddhist concept of compassion.


Benevolence, friendliness, amity, friendship, good will, kindness.